What is KIBO?

KiboWorld , KIBO is not a company, nor is it an investment option. KiboWorld is not a bank, KiboWorld does not collect your money. KiboWorld is not an online business, HYIP or MLM programme.

KiboWorld is a community where people help each other. KiboWorld gives you site and virtual accounts as technical tools which helps the community members to connect and to assist each other for FREE. All transferred funds to another participant are your help given by your own good will to another, absolutely free.


How Does KIBO Works?

The system works like a Co-operative. You don’t pay to the program, or to a bank account. It's a 100% donation system where people help others out by simply asking for help and providing help for all members of the community.

There is no central account, where all the System money flows to (and where it can be easily stolen from :-)). All the money is in the Bank Account of the participants themselves. Community members are supposed to transfer funds to each other directly, without intermediaries! As the matter of fact, our program only regulates the process on technical side — nothing more.

So the System completely belongs to ordinary people like YOU and US. This system is of the people, by the people and for the people….No kidding! This is one and only real mutual aid fund system around the globe where ordinary people undertakes the extraordinary task of helping each other without any prejudices and expectations.

How does it work technically? You declare the willingness to give help (click in your Personal Office "Provide Help"), after which your account will be rewarded with ewallet (internal “currency”/scores of the System). Ewallet will start growing from the moment of offering the contribution at the rate of 40% per month or 1.67% daily based on your choosen plan.

Let's assume you have announced willingness to assist with N100,000 , they will immediately start growing! By 40% in 30days, this N100,000 will become N140,000 after 30 days.


How Do I Get Started?

After creating your account. Login into your members area and Click On Add DREAMS.

and add your dream with the amount of funds you are able to donate or provide help to another community member.

There are two Donation plans.

1. Long Term Dreams ( Your wallet will grow by an average of 1.67% daily. but it will only allow a dreams that matures after 60 days. If you added N100,000 and wait 60 days it will return N200,000.00 at the end of 60 days or so.) Waiting periods are determined by the amount of money a member needs at maturity.

2. Monthly Dreams. ( Your wallet will grow by 40% monthly. If you added N10,000 it will return N14,000 at the end of 30 days. This is where most community members starts from once they are comfortable with the system they will then start creating long term dreams)

After you have created your dream, the system will take you to the next page where you will be pairred with other members asking for help.

Since you already made pledge by creating your dreams, you will have up to 72hrs to redeem your pledge by donating the amount used to create your dream to another community member  or a Keeper that the system pairs you with.

Once the recipient confirms your donation , your dreams will get activated and will start growing. ( The system has a progress chart that monitors when your dream matures and total days before your dreams matures.)

As you can see, the funds goes from one member to another without admin interferance.


What are the roles of KEEPERS in the KIBO community?

A KIBO Community  Keeper

When you add a dream, The SYSTEM will select  people as Keepers to keep the Money you are donating After donating, SYSTEM will allocate you coins (ewallet) that are equivalent to the money you donated. These appreciates by a certain percentage daily or monthly depending on your dream plan.

When you donate money to buy a dream, you do not donate to a company or organization but SYSTEM gives you a name of a community member that you will donate money to.

That person is a community member like anyone. A community member will keep the money until SYSTEM instructs that person to transfer that money to another community member.

A person that is keeping money for the Community is called a Community Keeper.
 A Keeper will be chosen by the system based on the value of his/her donation. (e.g. if a Member donated N100,000, the system will select him/her to be a keeper of N50,000).

If a Community KEEPER decides to be dishonest and use the money that he/she is holding as a Keeper, that member will be suspended from the community and his/her account will be blocked/suspended. Other Community members will not lose because a member only keeps an amount less than what he/she has donated. It is impossible to cheat this Community and threaten its sustainability.


What is Maximum & Minimum Amount for "Provide Help"

Minimum Provide Help Amount is N10,000.00 while Maximum is N3,00,000.00 Per Account.


Why do I transfer to a person, not to an organization or a company?

Kibo is a peer -to-peer community that consists of people and is managed by the community members. There are no companies and no organizations. Therefore, all funds are held on accounts of participants of the community. The Keepers!


How can I request for help?

-Log into KIBO account
-Click on “Request Help” Under My Transaction
-Click on “Make Request and enter the amount to request help for. Soon after you make your request, a community Keeper will be assigned to provide you help within 72hrs”


How long does it take to be matched when I request for help?

The system will match you within 15 mins of placing your request, however, please note that there are various factors that determine time to match, so please give a maximum of  24hours and if you have not been matched to Receive Help , raise a support ticket.


What happens if a community Keeper refuses to provide help to me after I have Requested Help?

A Keeper has 3 days ( 72hrs) to provide help to you once the system pairs them to you.
If  this time elapses, you may then contact us and Upon confirmation that Keeper will be blocked by the system and another assigned immediately.


Is there any bonus if I invite new members to KIBO?

Yes, KIBO rewards its members with a generous 14% referral commissions divided in 5 levels 7%, 3%, 2%,1%  and 1%.


Are Members allowed to create multiple accounts?

No Please. Participants that created multi-accounts will be blocked. They will be charged a penalty (amount of provided help minus withdraw amount) on all his accounts.


Can a member use one Bank Account Details for several accounts?

No please, If different members’ accounts have one Bank account details, such accounts are also considered as multi-accounts. Such accounts will be blocked and charged a penalty.


Can I lose my money?

Like any other venture there are risks involved. Bare in mind that KIBO is not a certified financial advisory institution or a registered company and we don’t give advice on investments. You must not pledge more than what you can afford to lose.


How many times am I allowed to provide Help and Get Help?

The number is unlimited. You can provide help even if you have already created “Get Help” request. However, you cannot activate more than one “Get Help” request at the same time.


Will KIbo Last Forever?

Unfortunately no. In as much as we want it to last forever, we have to be realistic and Honest about the future that NOTHING LAST FOREVER! Hence we advice that do not put in money that you cannot afford to loose.